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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019 Stadium needed high pressure gas to supply the boxes, brewery, offices and bar/restaurant. Enter Secomak’s Gas Sensor System arranged in APS Inverter and Duty Standby configuration. This comprehensive solution boasts superior efficiency, outstanding safety and robust design to keep the system live even during maintenance.

The Customer

A historic football club, “Spurs” based in White Hart Lane, London, have been active since 1882, and a regular fixture in the premier league. Well known for winning a major trophy in each decade from the 1950s to the 2000s, they have clinched two league titles, eight FA Cups in their history.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is their state of the art football and NHL stadium, that was completed in 2019. It has subsequently diversified to include an onsite brewery, offices, a restaurant and Europe’s longest bar! This varied mix of sporting and business facilities has diversified Tottenham’s brand in recent years.

The Challenge

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was a brand new building, benefiting from a new gas installation.

THFC needed high pressure gas to supply all the cooling fan coils in the stadium. Located in the ground floor enclosure, the gas boosters supplied gas via pipes up to the boilers at the top of the building. This was a technical and logistical challenge to deliver the required heat load for the entire stadium complex, including the offices, boxes (viewing areas) and other facilities.

The Solution

The installers worked with Secomak to specify and install the most suitable, and complete gas booster solution available. It was critical that gas pressure was maintained along its long journey from the boosters on the ground floor, to the boilers situated in the roof. The gas boosters were installed, then Secomak commissioned them, including the products:

x2 Model 540/3 Secomak Gas Boosters

Compatible with CHP, Boilers and Burners and Building Management Systems. Featuring ribbed fan chambers for additional strength, it is fully compliant with British Standard 8487 (2007 & 2013).

Gas Sensor System

Combining an Acoustic Enclosure and customised gas sensor (supplied by an external electrical firm in this case), whilst featuring an ATEX rated motor for the highest level of safety.

Automatic Pressure Setpoint (APS) Inverter System

Maintains consistent outlet pressure and featuring Soft-Start technology.

Duty Standby

Allowing two gas boosters to operate alternatively for a single gas supply. Ideal for when gas supply cannot be interrupted.

The installation also includes all relevant flexible connectors, anti-vibration mounts and non-return valves.

The Benefits

The Gas Sensor System provided the entire grounds (including boxes, kitchens, and other facilities) with heat or hot water on demand, whilst also powering the cooling fans around the facility. This kept the room temperature regulated to a comfortable, set level. The onsite brewery relied on consistent room temperature to maintain outstanding hygiene and product standards, which are critical requirements in the food and beverage industry.

Safety is the crucial benefit of the Gas Sensor System. If it senses a leak, it displays visual and audible warnings prior to an automatic safety shut off. (Optional text and email alerts are also available). The ATEX rated motor allows it to operate in hazardous environments.

The APS Inverter maintains consistent outlet pressure. If inlet pressure should drop, the system compensates instantly and guards against low inlet pressure. Soft-Start technology reduces shock and load on the motor and bearings, potentially extending component life. Gas consumption is monitored by a transducer, which reduces load on the gas booster and therefore electrical consumption where appropriate. This intelligent “on demand” programming also reduces the noise and further protects the bearings from excess wear. The system allows the gas boosters to run at the load required, instead of full speed continuously.

The Duty Standby alternates automatically between two boosters every seven days to equalise wear on the bearings and drives. When downtime is not an option, the Duty Standby ensures supply is never interrupted by maintenance, as one booster will always be in operation as the other unit is serviced.

To find out more about any of these features, contact the sales team to discuss your application.

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