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  • APS Inverter System
  • APS Inverter System

APS Inverter System

Maintains consistent outlet pressure, even when inlet pressure dips. Reduce shock and load with our Soft-Start Technology, whilst reducing electrical consumption.

The APS Inverter System is the smarter, more efficient Gas Booster setup.


As with Secomak’s range of Gas Boosters, the APS Inverter System’s main function is to raise the constant gas pressure level in a cost-effective and reliable way.


  • Maintains consistent outlet pressure
  • For inlet pressure dips
  • Soft-start technology – extend potential component life
  • Electrical consumption

Benefiting from Soft-Start technology, the Automatic Pressure Setpoint system ensures more control, flexibility and electrical efficiency.

Reducing electricity usage is a key benefit of the APS system, whilst maintaining consistent control of outlet pressure. The APS Inverter also recognises a dip in inlet pressure and will react accordingly to maintain a consistent outlet pressure setpoint.

The soft-start ability reduces shock and load on the motor and bearings, particularly through repeated power cycles, extending the lifespan of components as per IGEM/UP/2/Edition 3.

The APS System is compatible with any model of Secomak Gas Booster, which can be specialised with an optional auto-changeover system and integrated into one wall-mountable control box. It is also suitable for use with single stream, duty standby and parallel systems, and with any building management system.

Secomak Gas Boosters are built to exceed British Standard BS 8487:2007, which recommends that drive belts are changed every year and bearing assemblies every five years.

APS Inverter System FAQs

  • What is an APS gas booster?

    An APS system is an inverter driven system which allows you to maintain a specific pressure set point. This is turn means the appliances will get the exact pressure they require but also makes the booster more energy efficient as it can regulate to the demands of the appliances meaning it will use less energy.

  • How do we adjust the pressure on an inverter driven system (APS)

    This can be done inside the control panel using the “pot” to adjust the speeds. The higher the number, the closer to full speed the motor runs and the more pressure the booster will provide.