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Secomak’s Upgraded Development Area and Hydrogen Gas Boosters

Looking at the future and development opportunities

Upgrade of our Development Area

Secomak are pleased to share that we have recently upgraded our Development area for our blowers and gas boosters.

This revamped facility will allow us to work on modifications to our existing models. This will aid our development to produce not only an improved quality to the current range but to expand our range of blowers to suit potential flow and pressure requirements that we are currently unable to provide a solution for. We are developing new impellors that operate at increased speeds, along with archived versions that may have a different place within the market.


The potential for a Hydrogen Gas Booster

The gas booster market along with the rest of the world is beginning to look at more carbon free and energy efficient solutions. One of these currently being explored is the removal of natural gas within our national infrastructure and to replace this with Hydrogen, whether that be 100% or a blend.

Our new area allows us to perform the necessary tests on our current range to see how compatible our boosters are with both the blend and 100% version. A change of gas will still require gas boosters, however it may affect the levels of pressure lift that is require. By having the ability to test our current range, this means we can adjust as required to meet the demands of the market in the coming years.

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