Why Duty Standby Packages Are the Best Choice

A consistent high-pressure gas supply is essential for many critical…

Why Duty Standby Packages Are the Best Choice

A consistent high-pressure gas supply is essential for many critical applications in commercial settings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, manufacturing, and residential homes. Therefore, a backup is necessary to ensure a boosted gas supply remains uninterrupted. Of all the backup options available, the best is a Duty Standby Package. But why?

Secomak’s Duty Standby Packages comprise two gas boosters that automatically alternate every seven days. Since the gas boosters alternate on a fixed schedule, it allows for preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns. As a result, it manages wear and tear better and eliminates costly downtime.

Other backup systems are less efficient than having a duty standby in place. For example, manually reconnecting a backup gas booster means there will likely be an interruption in supply. Additionally, if the backup has yet to be checked and doesn’t perform as necessary, the increased downtime can result in devastating losses and unforeseen expenses.

What Are Duty Standby Packages?

Our Duty Standby Packages Feature Preventive Maintenance Schedule Which Saves On Routine Maintenance A Duty Standby Package is a configuration used for critical applications where a dip in gas supply or electricity could be detrimental. For example, hospitals require an uninterrupted gas supply for their patients and other operations. Additionally, many manufacturers employ Duty Standby configurations to ensure production can continue unabated.

Secomak’s Duty Standby package consists of the following components:

  • Two Secomak Gas Boosters (Duplex boosters),
  • One wall-mounted control panel which monitors the status of both boosters,
  • Flexible connectors,
  • Anti-vibration mounts,
  • Flanges,
  • Non-return valves, and
  • Connection leads.

There are two pumps or boosters in Duty Standby packages: one on duty and one on standby. There are a few ways to implement Duty Standby configurations. One way is to use the standby (backup) booster only in case of duty booster maintenance or failure. However, this risks the pump standing idle, creating new problems.

Secomak’s Duty Standby Package is implemented in a way that engineers prefer:

The wall-mounted control panel that controls the two boosters has a timer that automatically alternates the gas boosters’ operation on a weekly cycle. This means each booster is on duty for a week, then on standby for a week. This way, the boosters work in parallel to create an active redundant or hot standby configuration.

Advantages Of Duty Standby Packages

Having a Duty Standby Package for your gas booster has numerous advantages. Apart from offering a reliable system for uninterrupted gas supply, it is proven to prolong the lifespan of gas boosters. Let’s look at the benefits of Secomak’s Duty Standby packages next.

  1. Enhanced Reliability

    Secomak’s Duty Standby packages offer peace of mind through enhanced reliability. The automatic switching between the two gas boosters requires minimal or no human intervention for each changeover. Additionally, should the control panel detect a fault in the gas booster on duty, it will immediately activate the standby booster.

    Having an uninterrupted gas supply even during maintenance or faults will boost the reliability of your system and, therefore, your business. This means operations can run as usual, protecting your business from unnecessary losses.

    Additionally, routine maintenance can be planned without needing an emergency backup, meaning you can employ preventive maintenance measures.

    Secomak Gas Boosters are designed and made to surpass British Standard BS 8487:2007. This standard recommends drive belts be changed annually and bearing assemblies every five years.

  2. Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

    When using a duty standby package that runs in parallel, it prolongs the lifespan of the equipment. The regular alternation of gas boosters prevents either one from being overused and results in the equalised wear of the boosters’ bearings and drives.

    For example, a standby pump that has been standing idle is unlikely to work optimally for the following reasons:

    The system fluid left in the pump might settle and leave silt or sludge in the pump or pipework, and the build-up can cause blockages if it becomes too hard, and the bearings can wear faster due to being flattened when the pump is not turning.

    Another practical reason to have a set alternation schedule for gas boosters is that you can plan routine maintenance well in advance. That way, you can order parts before the time and book the service technicians in advance, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

  3. Minimal Downtime

    As mentioned, performing routine and preventive maintenance without interrupting the gas supply helps minimise downtime. In addition, regular maintenance ensures the availability of at least one operational booster at any given time, ensuring a business can go on as usual.

    Many businesses –especially those performing critical operations – invest in a duty standby configuration as it minimises unnecessary losses.

  4. Flexibility And Customisation

Secomak is a well-established company that has supplied industry-leading products for over 90 years. Apart from developing solutions for complex industrial blowing, heating, and dry beverage packaging applications, we also have flexible and customisable solutions for gas boosters.

Gas booster configurations will differ according to the company’s specialised requirements. Secomak offers flexible customisations to suit each gas booster configuration. For example, we can recommend the perfect gas booster solution based on your required volume (up to 2,000 cu.m/h) and pressure (up to 113 mbar).

Additionally, the duty and standby alternation intervals are also customisable based on the preferences or needs of the application. For instance, instead of a 7-day alternation cycle, a customer could choose shorter or longer intervals based on the configuration’s number, type, and age of the gas boosters.

Applications Benefiting From Duty Standby Packages

Saving Energy By Using Planned Maintenance Instead to Ensure Proactive Maintenance Can Save Money

Duty Standby packages can benefit any business wishing to have an uninterrupted and reliable gas supply. But where are duty standby configurations used most, and what type of gas and boosters do they commonly use?

Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities

A reliable and continuous supply of high-pressure gas is essential for the smooth functioning of many critical hospital systems. From supplying medical gas for patient care to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, the importance of uninterrupted gas flow cannot be underestimated.

Hospitals need a robust backup system to ensure that these vital services are not disrupted. Secomak’s Duty Standby Packages for gas boosters provide the ideal solution, offering unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

The Importance of Uninterrupted Gas Supply in Hospitals

Gas supply plays a crucial role in various hospital operations. Medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air are indispensable in life support, pain relief, and anaesthesia applications. Gas-powered heating and cooling systems also maintain a comfortable environment for patients and staff, while ensuring proper temperature control in crucial areas like operating rooms and intensive care units.

Any interruption in the supply of medical gas could jeopardise patient care, compromise safety, and result in significant financial losses. As such, hospitals must prioritise the implementation of an efficient and reliable backup system for their gas boosters.

Secomak’s Duty Standby Package: The Optimal Solution

Secomak’s Duty Standby Package is specifically designed to ensure a consistent, high-pressure supply by incorporating two gas boosters that automatically alternate every seven days. This scheduled rotation not only guarantees uninterrupted service but also allows for preventive maintenance and efficient management of wear and tear, thereby reducing the risk of system breakdowns.

By using a Duty Standby Package, hospitals can avoid costly downtime that may result from other backup electrical systems. For instance, manually reconnecting a backup gas booster could lead to an interruption in supply, which may have severe consequences in a healthcare setting. Furthermore, if the backup booster is not adequately maintained and fails to perform as required, the resulting downtime could lead to devastating losses and unforeseen expenses.

Benefits of Secomak’s Duty Standby Package for Hospitals

  1. Uninterrupted Gas Supply: The automatic rotation of the gas boosters ensures a continuous supply of high-pressure gas, which is crucial for maintaining critical hospital operations.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: The scheduled alternation of boosters allows for timely maintenance and prevents unexpected system failures, thereby avoiding the risks of relying on a single booster.
  3. Reduced Downtime: With two boosters in place, the risk of downtime due to system failures is significantly minimised, ensuring that hospital operations remain unaffected.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Secomak’s Duty Standby Package helps hospitals avoid financial losses associated with the interrupted gas supply by preventing downtime and allowing for proactive maintenance.
  5. Enhanced Safety: The consistent and reliable gas supply provided by the Duty Standby Package ensures that critical medical gas systems and HVAC systems function as intended, protecting patients and staff from potential hazards.

In a hospital setting, a dependable and uninterrupted gas supply is paramount. A Duty Standby Package offers a reliable backup solution for gas boosters, ensuring that hospitals can maintain critical operations without downtime. By investing in a Duty Standby Package, healthcare facilities can ensure the safety and well-being of their patients and staff while minimising the financial impact of unexpected system failures.

Residential Homes And Hotels

Duty standby configurations for gas boosters are commonly used in hotels and residences for uninterrupted gas supply. Hotels and homes use natural gas supplies because they are economical, reliable, and powerful. Hotels can ensure their guests remain happy and warm by employing a duty standby configuration for gas supply needs.

Hotels and private residences use natural gas for:

  • Cooking,
  • Space heating, and
  • Water heating.

Schools And Educational Institutions

Schools and other educational institutions use natural gas supplies for similar reasons to hotels and residences. That is, they may need it for cooking and heating water and space. Additionally, schools with science laboratories and kitchens for the students (e.g., catering schools and food tech labs) will benefit from having an uninterrupted gas supply.

Offices And Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings and large offices can also use duty standby packages for their gas boosters to keep the spaces warm. Additionally, should there be a need for cooking or heating water (e.g., gym bathrooms and washing), an uninterrupted gas supply would also be beneficial.

Factories And Process Applications

About 12% of the natural gas consumption in the United Kingdom is used in the industrial sector. As such, gas boosters and duty standby packages benefit multiple industries by ensuring around-the-clock production. Some of the industries that use gas and would benefit from employing a duty standby package include the following:

  • Chemical,
  • Energy,
  • Food Processing,
  • Glass,
  • Metal,
  • Mining,
  • Petroleum,
  • Plastic, and
  • Refining industries.

In the manufacturing industry and for process applications, natural gas is used for the following (and so much more):

  • As a raw input material for medical products such as bags, catheters, gloves, masks, and intravenous lines.
  • As a raw input material to produce substances, including hydrogen, for clean energy.
  • As an essential building block for fertiliser and petrochemical products, including medicine, synthetic fibres, plastics, acrylic lenses, and cosmetics.
  • As fuel to manufacture products such as glass, bricks, paper, steel, and iron.
  • For leak detection, pressure testing, increased force, and pressure systems.
  • In Combined Heat and Power (CHP) processes, excess heat and steam are captured for lowered emissions and costs.
  • To heat water and space and to dehumidify.

Integrating Duty Standby Packages With Other Gas Booster Features

Secomak added centrifugal gas boosters to our repertoire of air-moving solutions in 1966. Apart from offering a duty standby package for uninterrupted gas supply, we also provide additional gas booster features which can be integrated into their systems. These include APS inverter systems, gas sensor systems, and other features mentioned next.

APS Inverter Systems For Energy Efficiency And Consistent Pressure

Lower Energy Bills With a Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Task Will Increase Energy EfficiencySecomak’s Automatic Pressure Setpoint (APS) Inverter System is designed to raise and keep constant gas pressure levels reliably and cost-effectively. Their APS inverter system is compatible with any of Secomak’s Gas Boosters and can be integrated into Secomak’s Duty Standby control box.

Secomak’s APS Inverter system offers the following features:

  • Maintaining consistent outlet pressure, even if the inlet pressure dips.
  • Reduces shock and load with Soft-Start Technology, which extends the lifetime of components (e.g., motor and bearings).
  • Reduced electrical consumption.
  • It can be specialised to incorporate an optional auto-changeover system.
  • Suitable for use with duty standby, single stream, and parallel systems. Also suitable for use with any building management system.

Gas Sensor Systems For Enhanced Safety And Leak Detection

Stop Reactive Maintenance and Start Preventive Maintenance With Secomak Duty Standby Gas BoostersSecomak’s Gas Sensor System offers a unique “Sniffer” sensor that detects potential gas leaks and eliminates risk. This system is suitable for acoustic enclosures and can be combined with Secomak’s Duty Standby packages for their gas boosters. But how does it work?

  • If the “Sniffer” sensor detects potential gas leaks, it sets off Two Stage Pre-Alarm warnings before employing the Automatic Safety Cut Off.
  • The one alarm is an audible siren, while the second is a visual warning light.
  • Depending on the gas volume measured in the immediate atmosphere, the Automatic Safety Cut-Off is activated.
  • The Automatic Safety Cut-Off breaks the electrical supply linked to the gas safety shut-off valve, eliminating any danger.

Combining Duty Standby With Other Features For Maximum Reliability, Efficiency, And Safety

As is evident, Secomak strives to provide gas booster systems that are reliable, energy-efficient, and safe. Furthermore, our gas booster configurations can complement our Duty Standby Packages, APS Inverter Systems, and Gas Sensor systems to improve energy efficiency and safety further.

Secomak also offers accessories to enhance our services further and maintain our excellent product range. These accessories include the following:

  • Acoustic Enclosures,
  • Bearing Assemblies,
  • Connection Kits,
  • Drive Belts,
  • Flexible Connectors,
  • Gas Reservoirs, and
  • Non-Return Valves.

Secomak’s Duty Standby packages help to provide an uninterrupted gas supply while eliminating downtime and reducing motor and bearing wear. Our Duty Standby packages are the perfect solution for applications requiring a reliable, continuous gas supply. Therefore, a company wishing to enhance the reliability of its business should consider investing in a Secomak Duty Standby package.

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