Motor Bearing Condition

Secomak’s Model 588T is our highest-pressure Gas Booster ever. It…

Motor Bearing Condition

Secomak’s Model 588T is our highest-pressure Gas Booster ever. It can achieve pressure lifts of up to 185 mbar using both Natural Gas and Biogas, previously only possible by running multiple boosters in series. The new Model 588T operates with gas volumes of up to 2000 cu.m/hr, a remarkable 60% increase above the Model 540.”

Condition Monitoring is a key benefit to the 588T. The booster controls constantly monitor vibration amplitudes and frequencies of the bearing elements to identify a change in condition. Similar to Secomak’s thorough Bearing Assembly Testing procedures, the Model 588T keeps monitoring itself 24/7 whilst the unit is in operation.

Condition Monitoring allows the Model 588T to inform the user when the bearings are approaching their end of its life, making predictive maintenance possible.

With increased functionality compared to other Gas Boosters, the Model 588T features a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that displays the exact fault to the user providing more detail than ever before. The integrated Expandable Programable Logic Controller (PLC) gives full control, allowing upgrades such as remote notifications, including email or text message alerts as soon as a fault is detected. This is fully compatible with the relevant Building Management System (BMS) to grant more control and connectivity, whilst ensuring facility teams are aware of problems before they become critical. This allows predictive maintenance, keeping the Gas Booster operational preventing unscheduled downtime.

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