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Secomak Package Gas Boosters

All Secomak Gas Boosters are manufactured to British Standard 8487:2007.

Secomak Package Gas Boosters include the pressure switches and controls necessary to complete installation under British Gas guidelines.

Consisting of a motor starter, overload protection, start/stop switch, reset button and warming lamps to indicate low inlet and outlet pressure, the controls can be configured to give manual control from the booster panel and automatic control from:

- The Burner control

- A Time clock

- A Management Panel

Pressure switches are piped to the booster's inlet and outlet. The inlet switch is designed to shut the Secomak Gas Booster down if the gas supply pressure falls below a preset value. The booster can then only be restarted using the manual reset button.

The controls are built with volt free contacts for connection to a Building Management System.

The following accessories are available to complete an installation:

- Flexible couplings

- Anti-vibration mounts

- Pipe flanges

- Installation kit

- Non-return valves

Model Selector

To see a list of Secomak Gas Booster models, click here. If you are unsure of which model will suit best your application, please click to be directed to the Gas Booster Selector.  

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