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Secomak Gas Sensor System

In compliance with the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM / UP / 2 Edition 3) new regulation, Secomak Ltd have engineered and designed a new Gas Sensor System.

The Standard suggests that where electrical parts of a machine are in the same space as the gas booster and that space is less than 10m3 net volume, the area is likely to be hazardous and should be risk assessed under DSEAR. Therefore, the control box and pressure switches are not to be installed on a gas booster any more. IGEM have also suggested that a gas sensor should be located within the system.

As a result of these changes, all systems which are currently in use in the market and using a shrouding system are recommended to be upgraded.

In addition to this, it integrates the gas booster with a housing and all equipment that is now required by IGEM, into one easy to install unit.

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Gas Sensor System includes:

-Acoustic Shroud

-Inlet and Outlet Pressure Switches

-Gas Sensor

-Auto Changeover Panel

-Installation Kit

Gas Sensor System Drawing

The new Gas Sensor System is compatable with the current range of Secomak
Gas Boosters and can be sold as a complete set or in separate units.

To ensure compliance with the latest standards and to guarantee optimum operating efficiency please contact us.