Duty Standby Gas Booster Systems

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Secomak Duty Standby Gas Booster Systems

All Secomak Gas Boosters are manufactured to British Standard 8487:2007.

Secomak Gas Boosters are installed at many different locations where it is critical that gas supply is a constant - these include hotels, hospitals and schools. In these circumstances it is not unusual to install two Secomak Gas Boosters in duty standby (duplex or redundancy system arrangement).

Our Duty Standby System consists of two Secomak package boosters – Wall mountable panel complete with 7 day switch over timer , connection leads, flexibles, anti vibration mounts, flanges and non return valves.  The way this works is that if there are any faults or failures with the functioning unit, they will be immediately detected and the transfer will be made over to the Standby Gas Booster. The system will also give an electronic signal if one of the units should fail. 

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