About Gas Boosters

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About Gas Boosters


We have over 47 years of "incident free" Gas Booster installations.


A Gas Booster is a purpose-built centrifugal fan powered by an electric motor, that provides a pressure lift to the gas supply where the desired operational pressure can not be achieved by the installation or supply to the site. 

Secomak Gas Boosters are specifically designed to raise the pressure of gas supplies to provide sufficient gas pressure to operate burners effectively and efficiently. 

Based upon centrifugal fan designs they give high performance from their small physical size; occupying less space whilst providing a lower power consumption than equivalent direct drive boosters. Secomak Ltd has been setting the standards with regards to supplying Gas Boosters globally for 47 years. 

All Secomak Gas Boosters are manufactured to and beyond the British Standard 8487:2007, and Secomak were asked to sit on the British Standard panel and take an active role in designing the standard as we know it today.

If you would like to find out more about our gas boosters please visit the Models page.

If you have any enquiries regarding Secomak Gas Boosters please email Nita McKenna directly at nita.mckenna@secomak.com