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For over 80 years, Secomak have been providing air movement technology to the industry. In 1967, the company was approached by British Gas to develop a specialised fan which would increase the gas supply pressure from newly adopted centralised distribution centres (after the switch from town gas to North Sea gas).  For the last 47 years, Secomak has continued to be the leading supplier of gas boosters to the UK market whilst being a contributing member of the standards board, seeking to improve the manufacturing standards for all gas boosters.

Our philosophy adopts three simple but critical components:


Our ethos starts with design; ensuring our gas boosters are of the highest quality and exactly meet the demands of our customers. Secomak trained technical experts have years of experience in specifying gas boosters and our customers can rely on us to accurately advise the most effective solution. 

The cornerstone of our design approach is energy efficiency, not just because it saves the customer money, but because we believe in it. We believe that effectiveness and efficiency are intrinsically linked and that designing fit-for-purpose solutions is the first step to reducing unnecessary energy consumption. That's why we continue to refine our products to provide up-to-date efficient solutions.


At our production facilities in Elstree, we operate stringent quality control procedures and are certified BS EN ISO 9001:2008. All of our gas boosters are rigorously tested in-house to ensure we continue our 47 year history of incident free installations. We also manufacture all of our gas boosters beyond the standards set out in BS 8487:2007 and continue to strive for further improvements to the outlined standards.


The final stage of our philosophy is to deliver. That is more than just ensuring our products arrive when the customer needs them. It is about providing a level of service throughout, from the moment the customer picks up the phone. It is providing access to commissioning and advising of installation experts with the same level of technical expertise that our customers have come to expect when buying a Secomak gas booster. It is providing the after sales service and support which keeps our customers satisfied.