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Gas Boosters

All of Secomak Gas Boosters are manufactured to British Standard 8487:2007.

 Secomak provide a full range of reliable, robust and high performance gas boosters to achieve pressure lifts of up to 80mbar with a maximum flow capacity of 1200m³ per hour. These individual units feature just the basic gas booster with no additional controls, switches or accessories.   

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Package Gas Boosters

Secomak package gas boosters come with a range of controls which can be mounted directly onto the gas booster or into one wall-mountable control box. As standard all package boosters come with the required pressure switches and controls necessary to complete installation under IGEM/UP/2 Edition 2 Communication 1729. The package boosters can include soft start, auto-changeover (duty standby), or auto-pressure stabilisation (APS) as extras.


Gas Booster Selection ToolGas Booster Calculator

Unsure which booster you need? Use this handy selection calculator to determine which booster will meet your requirements. Just input the volumetric flow and desired pressure lift and our handy tool will do all the work for you!

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Spares & Accessories

In order maintain the performance of your gas booster, the key parts should be replaced at least every 5 years. Secomak supply spares and accessories to fulfil these requirements, including replacement bearing assemblies, drive belts, motors, flexible connectors and non-return valves.